The places to shop in Jind are around Punjabi Bazar and Main Bazar, which cater  to all demands of the youth and the old alike. The market is unique, vibrant and a good mixture of the traditional as well as the modern. The new emerging shopping complex of Palika Bazar boasts of numerous boutiques, gift shops, traditional handicrafts, footwear agencies as well as eating outlets.

Bharat Electronics Co. and Ganpati Sales

Fabrics and clothes
Sky is the limit for Jind's shopping world as you can buy anything from high-quality silks, homespun cottons and Kashmiri jackets and shawls to traditional everyday wear and multi coloured tie-dyed Western-style outfits.

Sahib Collection

Bargaining is the most important shopping skill while you shop at most street-side shops, which can make shopping all the more fun.

Dayal Footwares


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