Dr. Nidhi's Writing Corner

Thoughts into nothingness

As life passes me by

my steps falter

thoughts asunder

hopes flounder

the heavens mute spectators

to the upheavals

and predicaments

that lay shatter my soul

as despair held captive

in a heart torn and blighted

time moves by

slowly and surely....

my existence transformed

into a vague nothingness

a process spectacular

....yet staying alive

Lunar mood

The moon rises

behind the trees

comes up full

A halo enveloping it

bewitching and haunting

the white light surreal

full of grace and divinity

putting to shame the neons

that man is so proud of


the white light steals

through the dark foliage

ripping apart the mournful blackness

sending ripples through the gentle waters

of the stream that flows by

reflecting whiteness of dreams that

reside in the waves

bathes me in light

pristine and silver

casting shadows oblong

as I pace

tantalises lovers and poets

beaming in silent understanding

at the loverlorn hearts sighing

with lust enticing and longing

for fulfillments that it germinates

Mandalization of a Nation

Indian youth is seething with anger and hostility as Indian politicians once again re-opened the pandora's box that reservations are... Lately, the politicians in power have committed blasphemy by asking private sector to reserve seats and also the world acclaimed institutions like the IITs and IIMS to create caste based quotas.. All this in times when India wants to carve a niche in the world by producing world class products and be known for its quality and human resource pool. I think its an insult to talent and enterprise. Here I dont mean to hurt sensibilities but I personally feel that reservations have lost their relevance as only people who have benefited from it till date are going to benefit from it time and again. If the government really want Indian society to progress then it should provide education for free which also happens to be an endeavor in the Constitution and then leave all people free to compete and surge ahead on the basis of talents and not in the name of caste or creed... Education releases minds and it will empower all Indians to embark on the journey of their lives with dignity and not on the basis of measly handouts.

As my own experiences tell me that Indians have now been able to unloosen the shackles of moribund rules of casteism which defined mental psyche and social fabric since centuries. I think India has slowly been getting rid of these chains but the ghost of Mandal again visiting will spew more venom in young hearts as is visible by country-wide protests all over... Here I am, by no means trying to say that we should not consider the welfare of the minorities and try to bring them into the mainstream but the way politicians are approaching it is only to keep their own vote banks intact and garner support, therefore, it doesn't make sense.. The reservations should reflect realities of the day and as a result, economic status be made the guiding light for them so that not few families make use of reservations rather the benefits are accrued to all, irrespective of caste or creed factors.

Is it an eldorado??

The reservations have infiltrated only to selected few and as a result, a creamy layer has emerged in these groups as well which doesn't need the benefits of reservations, yet it is the only segment which is being enriched by the reservations in educational institutions and government jobs time and again so this is one flaw that needs to be corrected as this creamy layer be weaned away..

The big question is that as of now since India is talking about carving niche in the world, would it be able to make strides if its social set up continues to be seeped with rules based on concessions and mediocrity?

I think as of now Mandal coming to visit us has more to do with ulterior motives of Congress party since lately, it has been losing its traditional vote bank amongst the scheduled castes and as a result, it has come up with its machiavellian tactics to woo the voters back little realising the damage it will cause to the socio-economic fabric of the country. Time has come when India should seek to fulfill its constitutional tenet of an equitable society where all feel part of the society and by fuelling the redundant concept of reservations and dictating to private sector to make reservations compulsory it will take the country backward and give enough fuel to the dying embers of casteism and regionalism and raise the poisnous fangs as young people will become aware of divisive forces and develop strong caste identity. The govt should not shun its moral responsibility and provide education to all Indians beyond differences of caste, religion and help build a society based on merit. Let no segment of the society feel being discriminated against as of now, the general sections have started feeling being hunted and treated shabbily and it is not good for the growth and vibrancy of our nation as it would encourage more brain drain and the citizens losing their sense of belongingness.

Media makes a faux pass yet again!

The fourth estate (printed as well as visual ) seems to have forgotten that besides creating hype over many a times trivial issues, it is also supposed to play a role which borders on education. But as things go by media is least concerned about people who have embellished their name for reasons very un-glamorous. On the other hand, it will go on playing endlessly news that is glamour-laced and tingles sensations. Seems like it doesnot want to provide its viewers and readers some fodder for thoughts!

A very distinguished person breathed his last this week and it was startling to notice that an English daily of the repute as TOI didnot even deem it fit to carry an obituary when all that the paper was splashed was with the murder of Meher Bharghav & headlines shrieking how the killers have been nabbed etc but a legacy going into the annals of history was left berefit of even a mere mention while the TV news channels went berserk playing and re-playing the trivia as a model walking on the ramp and suffering a wardrobe malfunction!

Well the political persona was Haryana state ex-CM Bansi Lal; even called the Iron Man of the state for his vision and exemplary standards of governance. His credentials were not limited to regional diaspora but he had also been a national leader and minister of great repute. In fact, in the 70's he was one of the most influential & powerful ministers though he did earn some bad name during emergency when he allied with Sanjay Gandhi but his credits are far too many to be marred by some murky waters. He was the first and the only Railway minister to have presented a railway budget with profits which has always been mired in losses and deficits. Then, during his earlier tenure as CM of Haryana state, he showed great vision and made Haryana the first state of India which was fully elecrtified when electricity was made available to each village. He launched many schemes to improve irrigation system in the state by construction of lift canals. His efforts in bringing Haryana to the forefront of development is folklore. He made agriculture possible in one of the dry and desert distt of the state by means of lift irrigation when all cried impossibility. He laid a huge network of roads and foundation of various educational institutions. Haryana is notorious as a place where jobs are to be got on the basis of money, nepotism and connection clout; and it was really admirable that in a state where jobs in govt sector have a price tag running into lakhs and merit holds no credance most of the times yet when he was boss he made sure that jobs went to the deserving candidates.

He tried to make Haryana a dry state and imposed prohibition and I myself have been witness to its reverberations around me. Streets bacame safer.... Actually in his last term, he came to power on this promise as in Haryana villages men are the most useless tribe. They indulge in drinking, gambling and spend time loafing around while women carry all the burdens (and Haryana has a dismal sex ratio) and for sometime prohibition was going on fine as men were on the mend coz of unavailabilty of liquor but then vested interests indulged in smuggling and Haryana sharing borders with many states was porous enough to such infilterations that ultimately prohibition had to be withdrawn..

In spite of such lustrous attainments, the English dailies bothered not to mention few words in memorium while they heap generous space and time slots to trivia like Jessica, Anara, wardrobe malfunctions and of course glamour spice from tinsel town... even one Priya Sachdev having her sangeet ceremony and dancing to the beats of Bolly tunes with her beau Vikram Chatwal, a richie rich NRI from the US of A hogged the limelight of one prime channel for a whole day!!

What a waste !!








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